Communications Center

Located in the Duval Wing of the courthouse, the Communications Center serves as a central location to initiate new Civil Law, Equity and Domestic Cases.  All mail and Clerk's Office telephone calls are routed through the Communications Center.  Additionally, public computers with limited access to PaperVision and Case Search are available.

Domestic Forms

Custody:  Forms 
Absolute Divorce:  Forms
Limited Divorce:  Forms
Visitation:  Forms
Request to Register out of state foreign custody order:  Forms
Guardianship of a minor:  Forms
Guardianship of an alleged disabled person:  Forms
Name change of an adult:  Forms
Name change of a minor:  Forms
Request for waiver of fees:  Forms
                                                   About New Civil Law & Equity Matters

Types of Cases Filed in the Communications Center

  • With certain exceptions, the Circuit Court has jurisdiction over matters involving claims where damages are in excess of $30,000.  Circuit Court shares jurisdiction with the District Court in matters involving claims where damages are between $5,000 to $30,000.
  • All matters where a jury trial is permitted.
  • Matters involving civil law and equity issues, sale in lieu of partition, mechanics liens, and injunctions.
Other Civil Matters

New State of Maryland Tax Liens
New Notice of Liens (judgment originated in the District Court)

Other Important Information:

A 24-hour drop box is available for Circuit Court filings.  The drop box is located at the Commissioner's Entrance of the Bourne Wing of the courthouse.  Please timestamp all filings prior to placing them in the drop box.  Make sure payments are safely secured and attached to the filing.  CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED IN THE DROP BOX.  The drop box is checked throughout the business day.  Filings placed in the drop box after hours will be processed the next business day.

Procedural questions or fees associated with a new matter can be directed to the Communication's Center at (301)952-3318.  The Clerk's Office cannot answer legal questions or give legal advice.  Please visit the Maryland Courts website for additional legal resources.