Criminal Division

The Criminal Division handles a variety of criminal cases. All Felony charges are heard at the Circuit Court level with few exceptions. Jury trial prayers and appeals from District Court are also handled in the Circuit Court Criminal Division.

Criminal Files

The Criminal Division maintains the Circuit Courts criminal files. The office is responsible for docketing case pleadings, issuing summons, subpoenas, warrants, body attachments and writs. Warrants are issued upon an Order of Court and bonds can be posted to secure the presence of the defendant at court proceedings.

Public Record

The Clerk's Office, Criminal Division does not give case information or case dispositions over the telephone; however, files and the information contained therein are a matter of public record, unless sealed and can be accessed in person at the Criminal Clerks Office or through the Maryland Judiciary Case Search. Court file information may be requested in person or by mail, (customary copy and certification fees will apply).

Sealed Cases

Cases that have been sealed cannot be accessed without a court order. A qualified defendant may apply for an expungement of their court record through the Criminal Clerk's Office. Criminal record checks may be obtained through the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Criminal Justice line at 888-795-0011.

Legal Advice

The Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is prohibited from rendering legal advice, interpreting laws, recommending any legal action and recommending a specific attorney. You may wish to call the Prince George's County Bar Association Attorney Referral Service at 301-952-1440 if you need assistance in finding an attorney. For information on qualifying for Public Defender service call the Office of the Public Defender at 301-952-2100. (General Fee Schedule for criminal cases is provided on this website.)

Existing Case Contact Information Form

If you have an existing case and need to update the contact information for any party to the Case (Plaintiff, Defendant, Petitioner, Respondent, Other party) or an attorney for a Case needs to update their contact information, the links to the forms are provided below. The forms are fillable and all fields in the form must be filled in.

To update a party to the Case contact information, please use this form:
Party Contact Information Form.

To update an attorney for a Case contact information, please use this form:
Attorney Contact Information Form.