New Direction Youth Diversion Program


The purpose of the Prince George's County Problem Solving Court’s New Direction Youth Diversion Program is to offer youth the opportunity to enter and complete a structured community-based program as an alternative to formal involvement within the Criminal Justice System. The objective of the program is to:

  1. Provide academic monitoring/assistance via case management supervision,
  2. Provide services that would support sobriety and abstinence from illegal substances,
  3. Provide tutoring services,
  4. Conduct monthly case reviews under non-judicial proceedings,  
  5. Assist youth in comprehending consequences of delinquent behavior through multiple auxiliary services, and
  6. Assisting youth in appreciating and accepting the consequences of their actions

Scope of Services

  •    Weekly supervision/monitoring at assigned school 
  •    GED Services via Problem Solving Courts Classroom
  •    Tutoring/Mentoring services
  •    Participation in weekly or random urinalysis (as deemed appropriate)
  •    Weekly group/individual substance use treatment sessions (as deemed appropriate) 
  •    Participants will be required to complete a drug education assignment for presentation
  •    Monthly non-adversarial Judicial review
  •    Creation and presentation of participant’s Vision Board 

New Direction Youth Diversion Program FAQ’s

  • The program began in the Circuit Court of Prince George's County in 2021
  • 90-day program 
  • Eligible participants must be a resident of Prince George's County between the age of 12-18 and must have no history of violent offenses.
  • Case can be referred through the Department of Juvenile Services as an informal supervision case or as a Pre-Adjudicated condition.
  • Referrals can be received from the Department of Juvenile Services, Defense Attorney or Presiding Judge
  • Click here for a client referral form.