Mission & Vision

The Circuit Court for Prince George’s County will strive to serve the public through its judiciary and all staff by:
  • Providing accessible, efficient, quality and effective forums for the fair, just, timely and understandable resolution of legal disputes brought before the court.
  • Respecting the dignity of all individuals including those that work within and those who use and are served by the court system.
The Circuit Court will provide the highest quality of justice to the community by:
  • Continuously anticipating, ascertaining, shaping and responding to the needs and expectations of all court users and the community
  • Initiating and implementing programs and policies to enhance court performance and user accessibility
  • Respecting and reflecting the diversity of the community
  • Encouraging the use of a variety of appropriate dispute resolution processes
  • Promoting cooperation and effective communication among the courts, justice system and other community agencies and services
  • Providing efficient, convenient and safe facilities
  • Maintaining a diverse and professional workforce
  • Maintaining a positive work environment that values high standards of professionalism and performance
  • Seeking out and using progressive technologies
  • Anticipating and planning for change
  • Working with other units of government to achieve common goals
  • Educating the justice system community, legislative and executive agencies and the public about the trial court