Land Records Fees

Amendments (Per Page) $5 (Up to $25)
Chattel Financing Statement $20
Chattel Release $10
Financing Statements, For Land Records $20
Homeowner Depository Record, Initial Filing $50
Notice Of Sale $15
Other Instruments, 1-9 Pages For Any Instrument; All Pages If Principal Residence $20
Other Instruments (Not Principal Residence), 10 or More Pages $75
Plats Recorded in Plat Records, Per Set (Original + 2 Copies) $3
Power Of Attorney,1-9 Pages $20
Power Of Attorney, 10 or More Pages $75
Release (1-9 Pages) $10
Surcharge For Recorded Documents, in Addition to Recording Fees
  • (Except Power Of Attorney, Plats, Chattel)

Copies of Land Records
Certified Copy of Deed of Trust or Mortgage $10
Certified Copy of Plat $5
Certified Copy of Plat, Requested By Mail $7
Certified Copy, All Other Instruments $7
Copy of Deed, Assignment, Appointment or Other Document $2
Copy of Deed of Trust or Mortgage $5
Copy of Subdivision Plat $3
Copy of Subdivision Plat, Requested By Mail $5