Family Support Services

The Family Support Services unit provides the following services to assist families with disputes:
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Home Study Investigations
  • Domestic Violence Screenings
  • Drug and Alcohol Screenings
  • Mediation Programs
  • Referrals for supervised visitation or visitation transfer centers
Trained professionals provide Mediation (alternative dispute resolution) programs to assist litigants resolve family disputes. Mediation is a cooperative process in which parents and guardians work together to reach an agreement on important family matters without litigation. The primary mediation programs currently include:
  • Child Access Mediation Program
  • Dependency Mediation Program
  • Financial/Property Mediation Program

Scheduling Conferences

Mediation Intake Form to be completed in advance of Scheduling Conference for review by Family Support Services Staff.
Click here to access Mediation Intake form. 

Children's Rights Council
The Children’s Rights Council provides monitored exchange and supervised parenting services to Parties referred by the Circuit Court.  To register for services, please click here 

Parenting Education Classes

Families with custody and/or visitation disputes may be ordered to attend two parenting classes that are conducted virtually by the National Family Resiliency Center (NFRC), 410-740-9553. The cost of the classes is $70.

NFRC utilizes trained mental health professionals to conduct parenting classes in which parents/parties learn co-parenting communication skills, children’s developmental needs, and the effect of transition on children. These classes are conducted in English and in Spanish and are held in community locations.

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