Civil Domestic Division

The Civil Domestic Division accepts and processes various documents concerning Civil Domestic cases as well as Liens and Judgments. Any questions regarding legal aspects and the filing of pleadings or motions should be directed to the attorney of record or review the Maryland Rules of Procedures which are provided as a service by Lexis and Westlaw. Please go to Maryland Courts Online Resource for questions regarding procedural matters or filing fees associated with a particular civil domestic action can be directed to the Clerk's Office, Civil Domestic Division.

Cases May Include

Civil Domestic Cases filed in Circuit Court, may include:

  • Adoptions (other than Social Services cases)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Emergency Evaluations
  • Guardianships
  • Matters which involve domestic relations cases
  • Name Changes

After-Hours Depository

An after-hours drop box is available in the atrium on the ground floor of the Duvall side of the Courthouse on Judges Drive. Filings placed in the drop box will be collected the next business day and processed. 

Please note that all attorneys are required to file pleadings electronically pursuant to MD-Rule 20-106.  

Civil Domestic Records

Generally, Civil Domestic records are public information access to online case information is available through the Maryland Judiciary Case Search. Maryland law prohibits the Clerk's Office staff from rendering any type of legal service or giving legal advice. Staff members are prohibited by law from performing record searches and restricted from any records research other than in the performance of their customary assignments. Questions involving filing fees or general procedural information can be directed to the Clerk's Office. The General Fee schedule for Civil Domestic cases is provided on this website.

Existing Case Contact Information Form

If you have an existing case and need to update the contact information for any party to the Case (Plaintiff, Defendant, Petitioner, Respondent, Other party) or an attorney for a Case needs to update their contact information, the links to the forms are provided below. The forms are fillable and all fields in the form must be filled in.

To update a party to the Case contact information, please use this form:
Party Contact Information Form.

To update an attorney for a Case contact information, please use this form:
Attorney Contact Information Form.