Problem Solving Courts

The Circuit Court for Prince George's County Office of Problem Solving Courts Division is currently comprised of five (5) specialty courts: Adult Drug Court, Re-Entry Court, Veterans Court, Juvenile Drug Court and Truancy Reduction Court. Problem Solving Courts represent a major shift from the traditional court model. These specialty courts focus on a collaborative, non-adversarial approach to judicial supervision of eligible offenders. Through the leadership of a presiding judge, each court operates on a team premise to oversee each case through the implementation of a sanction, incentive and rehabilitative program model. Each team is comprised of the judge, public defender (or private attorney), Assistant State's Attorney, program coordinator, clinically trained case managers and community supervision manager. Each court has eligibility criteria and specified requirements to successfully complete each program. Eligible offenders are sentenced into Problem Solving Courts voluntarily. A special Participant Agreement, Participant Handbook and Policy and Procedural Manual have been developed for each court and must be reviewed by a participant prior to sentencing.