Electronic Devices

You can generally bring an electronic device (for example, laptop, cell phone, MP3 player), but use is limited or prohibited in certain areas. Electronic devices must be turned off, inoperable, and not used in a courtroom. In some cases, they are not permitted in the courtroom even if turned off.

Electronic devices cannot be brought into the jury deliberation room. If you violate the restrictions, your electronic device may be confiscated by security or other court personnel, and you may be arrested. Be conscious of noise – if you use your electronic device to listen to music, videos, etc., you must use headphones so you do not disturb courthouse staff or your fellow jurors.

While you are on jury service, including while you are in the jury assembly area, you cannot use your electronic device to research, investigate or communicate regarding any case for which you might serve on the jury. You cannot, for example, research a case using online media outlets or other websites. You also cannot communicate about a case on a blog or using social networking, Twitter, text, instant messaging, telephone or email.