Generous Juror Program

If you are called for jury duty, just donate your $30 daily expense money to the Prince George's County Department of Social Services for children eligible to receive their services. It is a simple but meaningful gesture that will raise additional funds for vulnerable children each year.

All donations directly benefit children and provide such things as school supplies, braces, special tutoring, recreational activities and other amenities available to most children but which the Department of Social Services is not able to provide through ordinary government funding.

With your help, The Generous Juror Program will ensure that these needs are met. An average of 840 children receives services from the Prince George's County Department of Social Services every day that need your help.

 Become a Generous Juror

It is easy to become a Generous Juror:

  • On the first day of jury service, simply say yes by signing next to your name on the list provided by the jury clerk approving the donation. Your donation will automatically be processed.
  • Please note that if you elect to donate your stipend to the generous jurors program, the money cannot be split if you serve on a panel for longer than one day.