Calling the Court

If the recorded message tells you not to come to court for jury service, you will have completed your jury obligation only for the remainder of the court year. If you are told to come to court, you must do so. If, for any reason, you are unable to make telephone contact with the court or have any questions about the message, assume you must come to court for jury service.

The Juror Qualification Form asks for information to make sure that you are legally qualified to serve as a juror. You are legally required to answer these questions truthfully. Your name, age, town, marital status, highest level of education, occupation, and your spouse’s occupation, will appear on the jury information sheet given to the judge and lawyers in the courtroom; all other information will only be reviewed by the Jury Judge, Jury Commissioner, and their designees.

You can reach the Jury Office at 301-952-4385. Please note that the call-in number for reporting is 301-952-4387.